era of hydrogen-powered cycling

safe and ecological

Hith-end hydrogen-powered bicycle

Space silver

Periwinkle blue

Pearl black

Intelligent and environmental

Telematics system,Mobile phone support


Solid hydrogen storage

Safer/Easy to replace hydrogen cylinders
It just takes 10 seconds to change the Hydrogen bottle

Magnesium aluminum alloy frame

High-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy
It can not only reduce the weight of the bicycle, but also increase the strength of the bicycle body

Belt drive

mute/High transmission efficiency
ride more smoothly,maintenance-free

Front and rear disc brakes

Brake and stop immediately,Safe and reliable

Mobile phone charging interface

Stylish and convenient
USB interface Continuously charges mobile phones, headphones and other portable appliances

Three gear riding style

Easy ride with hydrogen-power
"Fat burning/Hydrogen wind/Hydrogen cloud" Three gears are available,It can both burn fat and ride with hydrogen